Alert ID Group clients

Alert ID – Your 24/7 Buddy

To use the Alert ID 24/7 Support Team, your iAlertID App asks for the user’s personal Alert ID number, which is an 11 digit number starting with 9.

This is the Alert ID personal profile and ID card number that is generated in the Alert ID register.

You have to be registered with Alert ID to use the 24/7 Support Team as a buddy.

Registration with Alert ID for 1 year is free with the purchase of any ID device from the Alert ID Online Shop.

Within your Alert ID membership you will be able to register your medical and allergy details and any number of emergency family contact details.

(False emergencies are charged – please see terms and conditions)

To discover your ID number please complete the following actions:

1) Register with Alert ID at New Customer
2) Enter the registration code iALERT247
3) Enter your purchased ID Tag number (Delivery within 5 working days)
4) Complete registration form with as much emergency information as you wish to provide.

Within your Alert ID Registration:
5) Click on View / Update
6) Click on – Download ID Card as PDF File
7) Open the PDF file and your Personal Alert ID number will be at the indicated positions.
8) Enter the 11 digit ID number into the iAlertID App and Alert ID is registered as your 24/7 Buddy.
9) Turn off the 24/7 Buddy when you do not require it. (Check in Alerts are not sent to Alert ID in any event).